Waylon Jennings
1937 - 2002

A true superstar whose career spanned 5 decades. Born in Littlefield, Texas, Jennings became a radio disc jockey while in his teens and formed his own band not long after.

In 1959, he was a bass player in Buddy Holly's band.  He was scheduled to fly on the same plane that crashed and killed Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. Richardson -The Big Bopper. Waylon gave up his seat to the Big Bopper, who was ill and wanted to fly rather than travel by bus with those left behind. 

By the early 1960s, now solo, Waylon was playing regularly at a nightclubs which led to him signing to  A&M Records followed by a move to RCA in Nashville.

"He broadened the scope of country music, and he did it straight from his heart,
journalist Hazel Smith

His mentality was always that he'd rather be playing music than accept or compete for awards, but this did not stop him from being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in October of 2001 along with winning two Grammy awards and four Country Music Association awards

"It was a good marketing tool. In a way, I am that way. You start messing with my music, I get mean. As long was you are honest and up front with me, I will be the same with you. But I still do things my way."
Waylon Jennings on being an "Outlaw"

"He was the first guy to have a dangerous lifestyle who became mainstream,"
Rodney Crowell

A spokesperson said "it was peaceful", he died in his sleep at age 64.

A true inspiration to singers, musicians and fans alike.

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