Paying tribute to artists who's memory lives on in music.

Arnold, Eddy
Atkins, Chet
Autry, Gene
Axton, Hoyt
Box Car Willie
Cargill, Henson
Cash, Johnny
Cline, Patsy
Clower, Jerry
Collins, Tommy
Cochran, Hank
Croce, Jim
Davis, Skeeter
Denver, John
Duncan, Johnny
Fender, Freddy
Frizzell, Lefty
Gosdin, Vern
Grandpa Jones
Horton, Johnny
Houston, David
Husky, Ferlin
Jennings, Waylon
Jones, George
Kilgore, Merle
King, "Pee Wee"
Kingston, Larry
LeDoux, Chris
Larson, Nicolette
Locklin, Hank
Louvin Brothers
McDaniel, Mel
Miller, Roger
onroe, Bill
Nelson, Rick
rbison, Roy
Owens, Buck
Page, Patti
Paycheck, Johnny
Pearl, Minnie
Perkins, Carl
Presley, Elvis
Rabbitt, Eddie
Reed, Jerry
Reeves, Del
Reeves, Jim
Robbins, Marty
Rogers, Roy
Russell, Johnny
ahm, Doug

anders, Steve
Seals, Dan
Smith, Carl
Snow, Hank
Springfield, Dusty
Stewart, Gary
Thompson, Hank
Twitty, Conway
Wagoner, Porter
Wells, Kitty
West, Dottie
Whitley, Keith
Williams, Hank Sr.
Wynette, Tammy
Young, Faron

Disclaimer: Eddie Bear Productions is in no way affiliated with any of the artists herein. These tributes are by no means the definitive source of information on these artists and where not written to be. They are simply what they appear to be - humble tributes to some of our country music heroes.  We supply this information in good faith and have made every effort to provide accurate information. Information is subject to change without notice. Eddie Bear Productions provides no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of furnished information.