Road Trip to
Taylorville IL

On the way we passed Boody  Boody Christian County Courthouse 
Read to find out WHY Abe is with a Pig.
Looking for Lincoln EB, Abe and the other white meat. This is the ONLY Lincoln statue in the world were he is featured with a PIG. This pig is named "Liberty".
The Courthouse behind the statue Just a block away - "Cars of our Dreams" An old Cushman Scooter
Heading out of town in search of the Elephant burial Ground... no joke... in Illinois!!!
Amish Country... When I pulled out my camera, the buggy took off fast. I didn't know till later that Amish do not like their photo taken. Sorry. Back in 1994 as the circus was playing Taylorville
Kay the elephant passed away.
Local Vet offered his property to bury this 4 ton Elephant.  Kay was 58.