Tammy Wynette
1942 - 1998

Born Virginia Wynette Pugh, May 5th, 1942 in Itwamba Country Mississippi. Know as the "first lady of Country music", Tammy had a strong interest in music at a very young age, but gave up her ambitions when she married. That marriage ended, and in order to pay the bills she began singing again.

Her hard work paid off while auditioning for record companies, and eventually signed with Epic Records. It was there that they suggested she change her name from Virginia to Tammy. Producer Billy Sherrill said "You look like a Tammy to me...", and from there proceeded to record her first single "Apartment number 9".

Since then, Tammy went on to sell over 18 million records including "Stand by your Man", one of the biggest selling country singles of all time.

Tammy Wynette passed away April 6th, 1998 .

A true legend in the country music industry.....

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