Roy Rogers
1912 - 1998

The "King of the Cowboys" was born Leonard Slye in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1912. When he turned 18, he moved to California and took on various jobs while trying to start up a western music band. After a few unsuccessful attempts, he met up with Bob Nolan and Tim Spencer in 1933 and formed "The Pioneer Trio" which evolved into "The Sons of the Pioneers".

Roy made his film debut in 1938, in the film "Under the Western Skies". It was a great success and started off his movie career which led to him starring in over 100 Cowboy movies. In 1947 he married the woman who was to become the Queen of Cowboys, Dale Evans. Many of his films featured his wife, Dale Evans, horse Trigger, and dog Bullet.

His film commitments forced him to drop out of the "Pioneers", but he stayed close to the members who can be seen in many of his movies. Roy and Dale recorded together on RCA records and had their own network TV show in the fifties.

Roy Rogers passed away of congestive heart failure on July 6, 1998.

To his fans, friends, and all that have ever heard the name of Roy Rogers he is and will always be the King of Cowboys.

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