Roger Miller
1936 - 1992

Born the youngest of three boys in Fort Worth Texas, Roger Dean Miller was influenced by the likes of Hank Williams and Bob Wills. This led him to playing guitar and banjo at a young age.  During his hitch in the U.S. Army he found himself in demand as an entertainer, so it seemed only logical to pack up his bags and head to Nashville to pursue his dreams.

"I used to cruise around town in my old 'forty-nine Dodge and think  and write music"  Roger Miller

The doors opened for Roger in 1958 when Ray Price recorded a song he wrote titled "Invitation to the Blues", and not long after Roger had his own recording contract with Decca and then RCA.

Although he had some minor hits under his belt, Roger's career really took off when he joined Smash in 1963 and soon presented the world with his first chart topping tune "Dang Me".

Outside of writing his own songs, Roger had a good ear for other's material and can be held directly responsible for the success of Kris Kristofferson  who wrote "Me and Bobby McGee" - a song first recorded by Roger Miller.

Outside of music, Roger owned a chain of motels named after his biggest hit "King of the Road".

Roger Miller passed away October 25, 1992 of Lung Cancer, but his music and style will no doubt live on through the ages.

He was posthumously inducted to the Country Music Hall of fame in 1995.

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