Rex Allen
1920 - 1999

Rex Allen was born on December 31, 1920 in Wilcox, Arizona where he had a genuine western background.  At a young age he was already roping cattle.

After entertaining in the Rodeo circuit,  Rex got a shot at radio in the mid-forties and soon after became a regular on the WLS National Barn Dance.

In the 50's he became the star of several cowboy movies such as "The Arizona Cowboy", and "The Hills of Oklahoma" (the film that debuted the appearance of Koko The Wonder Horse, his signature stallion). In all he made over 20 films with Republic Studios.  

Rex also starred on a TV show called "Frontier Doctor" while scoring hit records like "Crying the Chapel", and "Don't Go Near the Indians".  Rex also narrated more than 80 Walt Disney Films.

Rex Allen died after a car accident on December 17, 1999.

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