Nicolette Larson
1982 - 1997

Born July 17, 1952 in Helena Montana, she grew up traveling heavily due to her father's job. As many children, she took piano lessons and listened to the Beatles. In 1974, she moved to San Francisco and got a job as production secretary for the Golden State Country/Bluegrass Festival.

She got her first break when hired to sing with Hoyt Axton's band. and it wasn't long before She performed and toured with the likes of Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Jimmy Buffett, Beach Boys and many others.

She was 21 when she moved to California and within five years had the chart topping hit "lotta love" and went on to release six critically acclaimed albums during her career. Among her many awards where "Best New Vocalist" by Cashbox Magazine in 1985, and "Best New Vocalist" by the Academy of Country Music in 1984.

"I was at a restaurant in Aspen recently and through speakers, I heard an unmistakable voice. The sun lit up the mountain and the sky was Caribbean blue, and the little girl with the big voice was coloring the Rockies with her art. I was lucky to know her and will miss her
Jimmy Buffett.

Nicolette Larson, passed away December 16, 1997 from cerebral edema - brain swelling caused by abnormal fluid accumulation. 

She was only 45.

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