Mel McDaniel 
1942- 2011

Born: Checotah, Oklahoma, September 6, 1942, this artist has been performing since his early teens, but was almost forty when his first top ten hit came his way. Musically, he bounced around, working clubs in several states, and was actually giving Nashville a second try when he moved there for good in 1973. Fortunate enough to find work as a staff writer at Combine Music and lounge singer at a Holiday Inn, Mel came to the attention of Capitol Records through the help of the Wilburn Brothers, and signed a contract in 1976. On the strength of his first few hits, he joined the Grand Ole Opry ten years later. 

Mel  took up the trumpet in the fourth grade. This soon led to guitar singing and songwriting and the need to grow up and head off to Nashville, which he did in 1969. .  He did and promptly got a job, working at a gas station. After about two years of knocking on doors, he finally found a job playing music in a club - in Anchorage, Alaska. But Nashville was calling, and in 1973 he went back and promptly got a job… at the Holiday Inn.

Finally, he began recording demos  in Nashville and his singing talents were recognized. In 1976 he entered the US country charts … but lost favor with U.S. Radio stations when they refused to play a song he recorded about a synthetic Lover called "Plastic Girl" (a song long since forgotten).  Mel's music still lives on with great hits like "Louisiana Saturday Night," "Stand Up," "Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On" and  "Stand On It"

I had the chance to speak with Mel some years back - CLICK HERE to see photos of his 2005 Concert, along with a link to hear a conversation I had with Ol' Mel.

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