Jerry Reed
1937- 2008

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The perennial version of the American Good Ole boy, was born in Atlanta Georgia as Jerry Hubbard and grew up to become a successful songwriter, session guitarist, performer, and even Movie Star.

But it wasn't always that way… he did his share of manual labor working in a cotton mill, and even after getting his first record contract in 1955 his career didn't sky rocket. He became known as "The Alabama Wild Man" as he came up through the Atlanta empire of Bill Lowery, and first made records for Capitol.

"Everything about Jerry was distinctive - his guitar playing, writing, voice and especially his sense of humour," Joe Galante Sony BMG Nashville Chairman

He became one of Chet Atkins's best friends and hottest Nashville studio pickers in the 1960s, and he wrote some great tunes for others, but it wasn't until 1970 that he hit his stride. Soon after, he became a regular on Glen Campbell's TV show, more hits and on to Hollywood to co-star with Burt Reynolds in movies like "Smokey and the Bandit".

"Anyone who picks a country guitar knows of his mastery of the instrument - one of the most inspirational stylists in the history of country music, a complete master." Brad Paisley

Jerry Reed, gone at age 71 from complications arising from emphysema

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