Jerry Clower
1926 - 1998

Born September 28, 1926 in Liberty, Mississippi, humorist Jerry Clower started off working in a chemical plant food manufacturing plant. While holding the position of Director of Field Services, he began telling "stories" about rural southern culture and the fictional Ledbetter clan. He'd tell of church revivals, country fairs, cotton farming, and crappie fishing to name a few.

Jerry's "stories" became more and more popular, and his friends encouraged him to make a record! He did, and his fame spread rapidly. Soon he began recording for MCA records and became one of Americas best loved personalities.

Known for his stunning red or yellow suits, Jerry was voted "Country Comic of the year" at least 9 times.

Jerry passed away August 24, 1998 of cardio respiratory arrest.

Although lost to us, Jerry's strong religious belief insures us that he is putting smiles on the faces of angels.

1998 Eddie Bear Productions