Hank Locklin
1918- 2009 

Lawrence Hankins Locklin was born in McLellan Florida and began singing in the local church where his mother played piano. He took up guitar as something to do while recuperating from being hit by bus. 

As a teenager in the 1930's Hank worked on farms, picked cotton, and helped on road building crews. Meanwhile in the evenings and weekends he'd sing at clubs and bars. 

His first radio appearance came as a back up guitar player in Pensacola. By the 1940's, he and his band, "The Rocky Mountain Playboys" had their own morning radio show in Houston, and soon joined the Louisiana Hay Ride program, then in 1960 became part of the Grand Ole Opry. 

Hank scored a total of 33 hits on the Billboard Top Country Singles Chart with some of his best known being "Send Me The Pillow You Dream On", and "Please Help Me I'm Falling", which crossed over to both U.S. and British pop charts.

In the early 80's he was elected mayor of his home town McLellan, Florida. 

In 2006, he recorded his 65th album, "By the Grace of God".

Singer, songwriter, guitarist Hank Locklin is credited for pioneering the idea of the concept album, and his music was loved worldwide. 

Hank passed away of undisclosed reasons in Brewton, Alabama. He was 91 years old.

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