Four States - Four Days
10/18 - 10/21

Tolono, IL Historical Marker Gays IL, Population 300 Illinois only two-story Outhouse Yes, it's functional
Olney IL, Home of WHITE Squirrels No Kiddin'!  They are White Must be something in the water Next stop - Metropolis IL
Up, Up and Away! Superman Museum EB holding Kryptonite EB with the Man of Steel himself
Metropolis's Big John is Bigger than Superman About 30 feet tall Wonderful murals around town and I was lucky enough to meet the artist! Fort Massac State Park
Fort Massac Fort Massac On to Kentucky... Traveled the "Land Between the lakes" and encountered some wonderful wildlife.
Red Wolf Screech Owl entered Tennessee I really like this shot
Back north now to Henderson, Kentucky John James Audubon Museum The largest collection of Audubon originals in the world Terre Haute IN Birthplace of the Coca-Cola Bottle
Terre Haute IN, car dealer When passing through Vincennes, IN... I wasn't expecting THIS Huge memorial to G. R. Clark
Park County's annual Covered Bridge Tour Bonus... One room School House another covered Bridge ok... Just one more... then back home.