Faron Young
1932 - 1996

Born in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1932, Faron was musically inclined as a child, and by the time he was in high school, he could sing and play most all of the popular songs of the time.  As fate would have it, the famed "Louisiana Hayride" radio show was broadcast right there in his home town, and it wasn't long before he was a regular on the show and met Webb Pierce who invited him to join his tour. This gave Faron the much needed exposure outside of Louisiana.

In 1952 he signed to Capitol records and a string of hits began that would continue well into the 1970s. From his first hit "Going Steady" up to "Four in the Morning", he was a permanent fixture on the Country charts.  

Faron tried his hand at acting and actually got a starring role in "Hidden Guns".  It was here that he was nicknamed "The Singing Sheriff".

By the seventies, his music was not as commonly heard on the airwaves, but he continued to remain active as a performer and businessman- best remembered for founding "Music City News", (Although he eventually sold the publication)

Faron took his own life in 1996.  He was 64.

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