Buck Owens
1929 - 2006

Born Alvin Edgar Owens, this son of a sharecropper would grow up to help shape the sound of country music with an amazing run of over 20 number one records on the Billboard Country Charts.

Owens was know for his trademark red, white and blue guitar, and on stage he and the band couldn't be missed under the lights wearing sparkly rhinestone suits. 

Buck added a certain flavor to his songs... a type of  honky-tonk twang that came to be known as the "Bakersfield Sound"

He, and a group of others played a large roll in introducing country music and many of it's artists to the world on the very popular TV show "Hee Haw" (1969 - 1986).  "It's an honest show," Buck Owens to The Associated Press "There's no social message no crusade. It's fun and simple."

Elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1996. Buck remained humble and modest when he said: "I'd like to be remembered as a guy that came along and did his music, did his best and showed up on time, clean and ready to do the job, wrote a few songs and had a hell of a time,"

Another legend, gone at age 76.

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